Schlötter at the TPCA 2020

While large parts of Europe are back in lockdown mode with public events and trade fairs being cancelled, economic life in Asia continues. TPCA 2020, one of the most important trade fairs for the PCB industry worldwide, took place as planned in Taipei from October 21 to 23, 2020. With around 31,000 visitors, the number of visitors was only 1.7% lower than in the previous year despite Corona. Dr.-Max Schlötter GmbH & Co. KG was again present at the TPCA. Together with AGES, their long-standing sales and development partner in Taiwan, Schlötter presented viafilling and TH-plating copper electrolytes and direct metallization processes from the current product range. These include the superfilling processes SLOTOCOUP SF 40 for 5G (3 in 1 solution for inner layers, layer build-up and outer layers), SLOTOCOUP SF 50 for 5G (3 in 1 solution for inner layers, layer build-up and outer layers) and SLOTOCOUP 1960 (for automotive PCBs) as well as the direct metallization processes SLOTOSIT PCB 3500 (graphite based), SLOTOSIT PCB 3700 (graphene oxide metallization) and SLOTOSIT 3800 (metallization by means of sulfonation).

Innovative: The glass metallization SLOTOSIT SEA 2800

At the trade fair, the SLOTOSIT SEA 2800 glass metallization process was presented for the first time. This process is suitable for metallizing PCB substrates made of glass, display glass or through glass vias (TGV) and blind glass vias (BGV), for which sputtering processes have been largely used so far. A promising field of application for SLOTOSIT SEA 2800 are displays manufactured with Micro LED technology. Devices with Micro LED technology are not yet available for the broad consumer market. But they are expected to reach market maturity soon. The ever increasing use of devices such as smart watches, smartphones or tablets, pushes the demand for powerful and innovative displays which present a variety of information on a small space. SLOTOSIT SEA 2800 is hydrofluoric acid-free, easy to control and enables excellent adhesion of the metal layer to glass. The process allows high layer thicknesses to be deposited without delamination.

Matthias Hampel, PCB Technology Manager of Schlötter, drew a positive conclusion: “Our new glass metallization SLOTOSIT SEA 2800 met with great interest. The customers and visitors to the booth were also very positive about the fact that I attended TPCA despite the corona crisis.”