Gold is used for both decorative and technical applications. Due to its noble character, gold does not oxidise and retains its attractive appearance and all technical properties after plating, including low contact resistance and good wear resistance, even with a low layer thickness.

Gold is used for:

plating of plastics (POP), decorative coatings (GMF), PCB manufacturing (ENIG) and electronics


Product / application

07002 Immersion Gold SLOTOGOLD 10

Electroless process for the deposition of 24-carat gold layers. SLOTOGOLD 10 deposits even gold coatings with a thickness of up to 0.2 µm.

07020 Hard Bright Gold ORIMA B

Weak acid electrolyte for the deposition o 24-carat bright gold coatings. The coatings have a thickness of up to 4µm and a hardness of 120 - 180 HV.