Pickle degreasers / activations

Pickle degreasers or activations are used to remove oxide layers such as scale, rust or residues from hardening processes. Due to the inhibitors used to protect the base material, pickle degreasers are often used to remove metal from incorrectly coated workpieces.

Pickle degreasers / activations are used for:

for the pretreatment of components to achieve a surface suitable for electroplating


Product / application

01001 Pickle Degreaser SLOTOCLEAN BEF 30

Acid process for the removal of rust, scale and oxide layers from oiled and greased surfaces.

01006 Pickle Degreaser SLOTOCLEAN BEF 40

Acid process with strong degreasing effect and only moderate etching of the base material.

01014 Pickle Inhibitor SLOTOCLEAN 0066

Prevents etching of base material in hydrochloric or sulphuric acid based pickling solutions.

01017 Pickling Solution SLOTOCLEAN BZ 50 1

Acid process for the removal or loosening of scale, oil carbon, pigments and other stubborn residues.