Pre-treatment is an important step in electroplating. Oils and greases are used in the manufacture of components to facilitate the processing of the workpieces and to temporarily protect the metal surface from corrosion. Prior to electroplating, oils and greases must be removed from the parts, as residues can lead to defective coatings. A thorough pre-treatment is an important prerequisite for high-quality coatings. Depending on the process sequence, the pre-treatment can also include several process steps. For this application, Schlötter offers a range of soak degreasers as well as electrolytic degreasers for a variety of base materials such as steel, copper, brass as well as pre-treatments for aluminum and zinc die-casting.

Pre-treatments are used for:

Functional and ecorative coatings (GMF), PCB manufacturing, electronics and cathodic corrosion resistance coatings (CRC)


Product / application

01009 Stripper ALK

Anodic stripper for bright nickel-, brass-, copper-, and tin layers on iron base materilas.

01016 System Stripper SLOTOSTRIP 10

Spraying process for the removal of metal resist layers made of tin. The stripper may be recycled in by-bass operation.

01019 Stripper E 40

Process for electrolytic stripping of tin, lead and tin-lead alloys from stainless steel.

01022 Aluminium Pickle ALB

Cyanide Pickle for pre-treatment of aluminium to allow electroplating.

01024 Aluminium Pickle SLOTOCLEAN AK 60

Pickle additive for long-running pickles with sodium hydroxide content

01031 Stripper PLUTEX

Strong alkaline stripper free of complexing agents for chemical stripping of tin and tin-lead from steel.

01033 Stripper L

Alkaline-cyanide based stripper for electroless stripping of metal coatings from steel.

01034 Stripper L 10

Acid stripper for chemical stripping of tin, nickel and combination layers from non-ferrous metals.

01036 Stripper L 30

Acid stripper for electroless stripping of tin and tin-lead coatings, especially suitable for PCB manufacturing.

01039 Stripper N 10

Alkaline, cyanide-free process for electroless stripping of nickel from steel, copper, brass and German silver.

01041 Stripper L 60

Two-stage chemical process for the removal of tin, tin-lead and lead deposits from copper by spray methods. Application in continuous plating lines.

01043 SLOTETCH30

Copper activation acidic and free from complexing agents applied for the removal of Cu oxide layers in the PCB technology.

01045 Stripper L 80

Two-stage chemical process for the removal of tin, tin-lead and lead deposits from copper by tank methods.

01046 Stripper E 10

Electrolytic stripping of copper, chrome, nickel  (including matt and semi-bright) from stainless steel jigs.

01049 Zincate CNF 10

Produces a zinc layer on aluminium and its alloys which allows for direct plating.

01060 SLOTETCH20

Weak acidic, fluoride-free activation for Cu alloys which contain small quantities of silicon and Ni.

01100 Aluminium Pickle ALB 100

Cyanidic pickle for pre-tratment of aluminium before electro- or electroless plating.

01110 Rack Stripper SLOTOSTRIP VA 1390

SLOTOSTRIP VA 1390 is intended for the chemical stripping of Sn, Cu, bright- and semi bright Ni from racks made of stainless steel.

01803 Micro Etch SLOTETCH 584

01805 Aluminium Pickle SLOTETCH 590

Acid aluminium pickle. Especially suitable for aluminium alloys.

06204 Stripper SLOTOSTRIP_AG_2040