Over the years, Schlötter has developed a range of strippers which are widely used in the PCB, GMF and Electronics industries

Strippers are used

in the electroplating industry for removal of any build-up of metal on jigs, racks and barrel contacts used to hold parts during the plating operation. Strippers are also used for rework if the plated finish is not to the required standard and also as part of the process of re-coating of expensive prime engineering parts or components. Strippers work chemically or electrolytically, depending on the application.


Product / application

01043 SLOTETCH30

Copper activation acidic and free from complexing agents applied for the removal of Cu oxide layers in the PCB technology.

01060 SLOTETCH20

Weak acidic, fluoride-free activation for Cu alloys which contain small quantities of silicon and Ni.

01110 Rack Stripper SLOTOSTRIP VA 1390

SLOTOSTRIP VA 1390 is intended for the chemical stripping of Sn, Cu, bright- and semi bright Ni from racks made of stainless steel.

01803 Micro Etch SLOTETCH 584

06204 Stripper SLOTOSTRIP_AG_2040