Chrome finishes are used for decorative applications indoors and outdoors and can be deposited from hexavalent or trivalent electrolytes. The coatings are the finish on nickel-plated surfaces and feature an attractive bright colour, hardness and corrosion resistance. For layer thicknesses >25µm, the term “hard chrome” is used. There is no alternative to these coatings for wear protection, e.g. in hydraulics.

Chrome is used for:

plating on plastics (POP), decorative and functional metal finishes (GMF)


Product / application

05008 Bright Chrome SLOTOCHROM 50

Electrolyte based on Cr(III), for the deposition of decorative bright chrome coatings.

05009 Chrome SLOTOCHROM DR 1140

Bright, decorative layer with a max. layer thickness of 0.2 µm with a good throwing- and covering power on Cr(III)- and sulphate basis, as well as free from ammonia.

05010 Hard Chrome SLOTOCHROM S

Easy maintenance and high deposition rates are the features of this hard chrome electrolyte.

05012 Bright Chrome SLOTOCHROM GC 10

A conventional bright chrome electrolyte which is easy to maintain.

05016 Bright Chrome SLOTOCHROM CR 1540

Cr(VI) electrolyte with good throwing power and covering at a variable chromic acid content.

05019 Chrome SLOTOCHROM DR 1690

Chrome SLOTOCHROM DR 1690 is an electrolyte for the deposition of functional layers with layer thicknesse of 6-10 µm.SLOTOCHROM DR 1690 operates on the basis of Cr(III) compounds.

05037 Black Chrome SLOTOCHROM 70

Black Chrome SLOTOCHROM 70 forms uniform, decorative black chrome coatings. They're also applied in the technical field, e.g. solar technology and optical industry.

05052 Wetting Agent Concentrate SLOTOCHROM FT 248

Wetting Agent Concentrate SLOTOCHROM FT 248 is a Cr(VI) resistant, surface active surfactant concentrate of substances containing PFOS (PFT). Ist use is intended for hard chrome electrolytes.

05053 Wetting Agent SLOTOCHROM CR 1270

Polyfluoro-containing, PFOS-free, Cr(VI) resistant wetting agent; forms a closed layer of foam over the surface of the elctrolyte inhibiting the spraying of chrome mists.