Silver is a precious metal that has been used for many years as a coating for jewellery or cutlery. Today, silver is increasingly used for technical applications such as connectors or contacts in the electronics industry.

Silver is used for:

decorative coatings (GMF), PCB manufacturing and electronics (High frequency technology)


Product / application

06020 Bright Silver ALTIX

Especially suitable for decorative bright silver application, technical and heavy silver plating in both, rack and barrel systems.

06021 Corrector SOB

Corrector for static rinses used to avoid discolouration.

06030 Bright Silver ELFIT 73

Technical and decorative application. Superbright silver layers with low resistivity.

06041 Antitarnish AG 110

Cr(VI)-free post treatment process for electro-deposited silver surfaces, preventing tarnishing of the silver layers. Antitarnish AG 110 does not affect the solderability.

06042 Antitarnish AG 110 S

Antitarnish AG 110 S is an acidic pot-treatment process for electro deposited silver surfaces . Tarnishing of silver surfaces by the formation of sulphidic layers is prevented.

06050 Silver SLOTOSIL_BSH_1500

06101 Electroless Silver SLOTOCHEM AG 10

Deposition of Ag on Cu-surfaces by charge exchange. Production of solderable surface for PCBs.

06159 Silver SLOTOSIL_BS_1590

06191 Silver SLOTOSIL_SG_1910