Aluminium pre-treatment

Aluminium pre-treatments are required to create a layer that is suitable for subsequent electroplating and ensures good adhesion. For this purpose, Schlötter offers proprietary aluminium pickles for roughening the surface or for creating specific optical features which can also be used for anodising. Cyanide based and cyanide free Zincate pickles produce a base layer that is suitable for subsequent chemical or electrolytic coating processes.

Aluminium pre-treatments are used for:

– all process sequences for electroless and electrochemical coatings of aluminium or aluminium alloys

– pre-treatments prior to anodizing


Product / application

01022 Aluminium Pickle ALB

Cyanide Pickle for pre-treatment of aluminium to allow electroplating.

01024 Aluminium Pickle SLOTOCLEAN AK 60

Pickle additive for long-running pickles with sodium hydroxide content

01049 Zincate CNF 10

Produces a zinc layer on aluminium and its alloys which allows for direct plating.

01100 Aluminium Pickle ALB 100

Cyanidic pickle for pre-tratment of aluminium before electro- or electroless plating.

01805 Aluminium Pickle SLOTETCH 590

Acid aluminium pickle. Especially suitable for aluminium alloys.