Copper / PCB

Copper electrolytes for the manufacturing of printed circuit boards of the latest generation (mobile phone standard 5G) are one of our strengths. Current highlights include processes that are able to fill blind microvias (blind holes) and to metallise through holes with good metal distribution even under unfavorable geometric conditions. Our product range includes processes for direct current as well as pulse plating processes

PCB copper processes are used

in the production of printed circuit boards and electronic components for further miniaturisation and increased integration density.


Product / application

03007 Bright Copper SLOTOCOUP CU 40

Application in vertical plating lines. Deposition of bright coatings with low internal stress and optimal breaking elongation.

03019 Copper Bath SLOTOCOUP CU 50

Application in vertical plating lines. Pattern plating. Deposits with excellent metal distribution and throwing power.

03026 Copper Bath SLOTOCOUP HL 10

Application in horizontal continuous plating lines.  Especially suitable for periodic reverse current (reverse pulse plating).

03096 Copper SLOTOCOUP SF 1960

Copper SLOTOCOUP 1960 is used for the production of multilayer printed circuit boards in the field of automotive, computer and smartphone. Complete filling of blind microvias and copper plating of through holes in one process step.

03105 Copper SLOTOCOUP BV 50

For production of HDI-PCBs in order to fill blind microvias with copper, pattern plating, metallize through holes in a one step process.

03135 Copper SLOTOCOUP TF 1350

Copper SLOTOCOUP TF 1350 has especially been developed for the filling of through holes with an aspect ratio > 2.5 by Reverse Pulse Plating.

03150 Copper SLOTOCOUP CU 1450

Copper SLOTOCOUP CU 1450 is used for the production of printed circuit boards for automotive and base station applications. The electrolyte is operated with direct current and enables very good throwing power in high aspect ratio holes

03812 Copper SLOTOCOUP PRT 120

This electrolyte uses the the advantages of Reverse Pulse Plating (RPP) in connection with vertical reel-to-reel plating plants optimally.

03814 Copper SLOTOCOUP CU 140

Application in vertical plating lines. For through-hole plating and metallisation (not filling) of blind microvias.

03821 Copper SLOTOCOUP CU 210

In combination with RRP SLOTOCOUP CU 210 enables with RPP a excellent metal distribution in through holes. SLOTOCOUP CU 210 can also be operated with direct current (DC).