Zinc and zinc alloy deposits are one of the best possibilities to protect ferrous materials against corrosion and are widely used in many industries.
With a wide range of zinc processes (cyanic, alkaline-cyan-free, weakly acidic with and without boric acid) as well as zinc-iron and zinc-nickel alloy processes (alkaline and weakly acidic), Schlötter covers a broad range of required processes. The portfolio also includes a tin-zinc alloy for which Schlötter offers a weakly acidic process.

Zinc is used

for cathodic corrosion resistance(CRC) in the automotive industry, in the fasterner industry and in aviation.


Product / application

08002 Tin-Zinc SLOTOLOY ZSN 20

Weak acidic fluoride-free electrolyte for the deposition of matt to semi-bright coatings. Excellent protection against red rust.

08003 Bright Zinc ZINCACYN

Cyanidischer Elektrolyt einfache Badführung hohe Stabilität

08004 Zinc-Iron SLOTOLOY ZE 1190

Alkaline/cyanide-free zinc-iron electrolyte which deposits matt coatings in the appearance of ROTOSIL 7

08007 Wetting Agent AZN

Spray suppresant in electrolytic degreasers and alkaline zinc electrolytes.

08012 Bright Zinc SLOTOCYN 10

Cyanide electrolyte, easy to operate and highly stable.

08013 Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN 60

Alkaline/cyanide-free electrolyte for barrel application. Even steel types with poor starting behaviour can be plated very dependably due to the two-step process.

08016 Bright Zinc ZINCASLOT 50

Alkaline/cyanide-free electrolyte. Excellent metal distribution and adhesion. Suitable for rack and barrel application.

08018 Wetting Agent AZN 20

Spray suppresant in electrolytic degreasers and alkaline zinc electrolytes.

08081 Zinc-Iron SLOTOLOY ZE 40

Alkaline/cyanide-free electrolyte. Special variant for barrel application. Coatings can be black passivated.

08096 Bright Zinc ZINCASLOT 60

Alkaline/cyanide-free electrolyte on the basis of potassium. Excellent metalldistribution and adhesion. Can be used for both rack- and barrel parts. Non-toxic additives.

08097 Bright Zinc ZINCASLOT 70

Alkaline/cyanide-free electrolyte, improved adhesion and bright throwing power. Can be used for both rack- and barrel parts. Wide range of dosing. Non-toxic additives.

08099 Bright Zinc ZINCASLOT 80

Alkalline zinc electrolyt with excellent adhesion at highest alkali content.

08100 Zinc-Iron SLOTOLOY ZE 100

Alkaline/cyanide-free electrolyte with a special variant for barrel application. High iron content for good results in a black passivating.

08101 Zinc ZINCASLOT ZA 1020

Alkaline zinc electrolyte of the new generation for barrel- and rack parts, very high degree of brightness, wide dosing windowr, very good metal distribution and adhesion.

08121 Bright Zinc ZINCASLOT E 220

08168 Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN 1680

08170 Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN 1700

08184 Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN 1840

08206 Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN 2060

08221 Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN 210

Zink-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN 210 is an alkaline, single-step process for the deposition of zinc-nickel alloy coatings with a nickel ratio of 12 - 15 % by weight. It's exclusively used for barrel plating.

08223 Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN 210 VX

08241 Bright Zinc SLOTANIT OT 1

Weak acidic electrolyte for rack and barrel application for deposits with high brilliance and excellent ductility.  No disturbing cloud point.

08246 Bright Zinc SLOTANIT OT 60 1

Weak acidic electrolyte, excellent operation until 60°C, therefore especially suitable for barrel application.  No disturbing cloud point.

08251 Bright Zinc SLOTANIT OT 110

Super bright weak acidic zinc electrolyte with especially good starting behaviour for direct coating of cast-iron material.

08252 Bright Zinc SLOTANIT OT 120

Bright, weakly acidic zinc electrolyte for cast coating with high covering power, ideal for duplex coating.

08253 Zinc SLOTANIT OT 1010

High bright, weakly acidic zinc electrolyte with excellent bright throwing power of the deposited coatings.

08254 Bright Zinc SLOTANIT OT 1470

Weak acidic electrolyte for both rack- and barrel application with high brilliance and excellent bright throwing power.

08255 Bright Zinc SLOTANIT OT 110 BSF

Very bright, weak acidic electrolyte which bases on potassium acetate and is free brom boric acid.

08266 Bright Zinc SLOTANIT BSF 1660

08312 Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN 320

Weakly acidic, boric acid-free electrolyte for the deposition of semi-bright to bright zinc-nickel coatings.

08330 Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN 1000

Weak acidic, boric acid-free electrolyte with decreased total metal content. It deposits silky matt to bright layers with a Ni codeposition rate of 12 -15 % by weight.

08508 Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN 80

Alkaline electrolyte with even alloy distribution and increased current efficiency. Excellent corrosion protection.

08511 Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN 80 VX