Chromatings (based on hexavalent chromium) protect zinc and zinc alloy coatings and thus improve the corrosion resistance of the coating systems. Different shades of colour (black, yellow, olive) are available for colour coding of the coated parts.

Chromatings are mainly used for

cathodic corrosion protection (CRC).


Product / application

09018 Chromating SLOTOPAS ZE 10 Black

Black chromating two-step process for zinc-iron alloys. Liquid product.

09029 Chromating SLOTOPAS Z ZE 20 Black

Black chromating process for zinc and zinc-iron coatings. Liquid product.

09030 Chromating METAPAS B BLACK

Black chromating process for zinc coatings from acid and alkaline electrolytes. May also be applied as olive chromating. Solid product.

09150 Chromating METAPAS F yellow CA

METAPAS F yellow CA is intended to yellow chromating of electro deposited zinc coatings. Barrel- and rack parts can both be chromated very well.

09151 Chromating METAPAS F black CA

METAPAS F black CA is intended to black chromating of electro deposited zinc coatings and forms deep black and uniform surfaces. In dry condition these are resistant to abrasion and bending.

09152 Chromating METAPAS 131 CA

METAPAS 131 CA forms a dark olive chromate film on zinc- cadmium- as well as on cadmium alloycoatings, which are mainly deposited from alkaline electrolytes.

09156 Chromating METAPAS olive CA

METAPAS olive CA forms dark-, olive freen chromate films and can be used forrack- as well as for barrel parts.

09159 Chromating METAPAS C black CA

METAPAS C black CA forms deep black chromate films, regardless if the zinc layers have been deposited from acidic, alkaline cyanide-free or cyanidic electrolytes.