Decorative copper coatings are characterised by very good electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent throwing power, low hardness, high ductility and bright gloss. Copper coatings are also used as intermediate layers to improve corrosion resistance and adhesion before nickel plating, silver plating, tin plating and chrome plating. Schlötter’s portfolio includes both pre-copper (cyanide and cyanide-free) and bright copper systems for plastic and decorative applications.

Decorative copper is used

as an intermediate layer with high levelling or for copper plating when higher layer thicknesses are required, e.g. in electroforming.


Product / application

03012 Bright Copper ACG 8

Acid electrolyte with a high degree of brightness and levelling. The deposition rate is very high.

03017 Bright Copper TB 10

Highly economical and easy to oprate electrolyte for the deposition of decorative copper coatings.

03065 Bright Copper SLOTOCOUP TB 50

Very economical and easy to operate electrolyte for the deposition of decorative copper coatings.