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Solutions for Electroplating

For more than 100 years Schlötter has been involved in the development of specialized chemistry, plant and equipment and provided a service to industry sectors involved in electroplating. Today Schlötter is internationally viewed as a leader in electroplating technology with the capability of providing a wide range of chemistry and associated plant and equipment from one source with the requisite level of technical support. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions and high performance chemistry which delivers the required standard of coatings to a range of industry sectors. We work closely with our customers in order to fully understand their requirements and this results in a high level of customer satisfaction with the processes that are developed for specific applications.

Fastener Fair Global 2023

Fastener Fair Global is the meeting place for leading companies in the fastener and fixing industry and offers an ideal opportunity to exchange knowledge. Dr.-Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH & Co.KG will present its developments in the field of electroplating processes at booth 3550 (hall 7). In addition, in cooperation with iChemAnalytics, we will be showing an innovative high-precision tension measurement...

Schlötter is new Cooperation Partner of Polestar

Everything starts and ends at zero. The task: to build a CO₂-neutral car. The Polestar 0 project was launched in 2021 with the conviction that the automotive industry needs a complete overhaul. While the shift to electric cars eliminates exhaust emissions, Polestar recognises the need to urgently address the emissions that occur during production. The ambitious goal of the Polestar...

A Strong Team with a lot of Experience and Vision

We are very pleased to have appointed Dietmar Stork as Head of Sales for Schlötter Galvanotechnik. Dietmar Stork has been working for Schlötter for more than 25 years and started in the service department directly after his studies in surface technology and materials science, before moving to the sales department shortly afterwards. In his function as Area Representative, Mr. Stork...

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