Sealants generally increase the corrosion protection of previously plated and passivated coatings through their barrier effect. At the same time, by adding lubricants to the sealants, it is possible to adjust the tribological properties required by the end customer. Schlötter offers a wide range of sealants for almost every application.

Sealants are used

in the automotive and fastener industry to define corrosion and tribological properties.


Product / application

09009 Post Dip Solution METAPAS CC

Improves adhesion and corrosion resistance of yellow chromated layers.

09024 Post Dip Solution CF

Post-Dip Solution for black chromated zinc and zinc-iron coatings. Fixes the chromate layer and improves its appearance.

09036 Sealant SLOTOFIN VM 1260

Clear, transparent hybrid sealant which contains organic- as well as inorganic components. This film doesn’t only increase the corrosion protection but also reduces the sensitivity towards finger prints and improves the appearance.

09037 Sealant SLOTOFIN 20

Inorganic sealant for chromated respectively passivated zinc- and zinc alloy layers. It produces an uniform appearance and improves the corrosion protection.

09067 Sealant SLOTOFIN 70

Sealer produces a nearly closed coating on parts with complicated geometry.

09068 Sealant SLOTOFIN 80

Sealant with very good corrosion protection on the basis of polysilicate.

09071 Sealant SLOTOFIN 80 L

Sealant with very good corrosion protection on the basis of polysilicate with an integrated lubricant.