04202 Nickel SLOTONIK NI 1230

This nickel electrolyte deposits silky-matt nickel layers with a good ductility. It closes the gap between matt- and bright nickel electrolytes.

04092 Nickel Additive G2

Inhibits the co-deposition of zinc. Disturbances like dark coatings in the low current density area or inhibitions of the nickel deposition will be prevented.

04091 Nickel Additive G1

Bright nickel coatings deposited from barrel electrolytes receive a brighter and a more active surface for better chrome plating.

04018 Super Bright Nickel SLOTONIK 50

High bright nickel deposits with excellent throwing power and a high degree of levelling and ductility, even when very thin nickel coatings are deposited. Especially recommended for rack application.