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Our team regularly publishes articles on various topics in plating technology and REACH.
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Fachartikel von Schlötter. Galvanotechnik aus Deutschland

Potentiodynamic Chromium Deposition from Trivalent and Hexavalent Systems on Glassy Carbon Electrodes: Initial Stages and Mechanistic Insights (ChemElectroChem 2/2017)

Developing a functional Cr(III) electrolyte to replace carcinogenic and toxic Cr(VI) electroplating requires a deeper understanding of the deposition mechanisms. Hence, this study investigates and compares the growth of chromium on inert glassy carbon (GC) electrodes from low-concentration Cr(III) and Cr(VI) electrolytes, using a novel potentiodynamic deposition scheme. This allows the initial stages of deposition to be probed, which are crucial for determining the overall deposition mechanism. Scanning electron microscopy shows that, for both systems, micrometer-sized hexagonal chromium hydride crystals could be deposited on GC, thus serving to be the first reporting of such structures. In addition, by increasing the deposition time, the changes in a particle structure for both systems were tracked; therefore, possible areas of similarity as well as key differences could be identified, which, when addressed may provide a more viable, environmentally friendly trivalent electrolyte for chromium electroplating.