09189 Passivation SLOTOPAS PF 1890

Passivation SLOTOPAS PF 1890 contains Cr(III) compounds and fluorides, and no Cr(VI) compounds. SLOTOPAS 1890 prudces black, weakly iridescent layers on zinc-nickel alloys. Passivation SLOTOPAS PF 1890 is used in combination with a subsequent post-dip solution, sealant or topcoat.

09152 Chromating METAPAS 131 CA

METAPAS 131 CA forms a dark olive chromate film on zinc- cadmium- as well as on cadmium alloycoatings, which are mainly deposited from alkaline electrolytes.

09151 Chromating METAPAS F black CA

METAPAS F black CA is intended to black chromating of electro deposited zinc coatings and forms deep black and uniform surfaces. In dry condition these are resistant to abrasion and bending.

09133 Passivation SLOTOPAS Z 30 T

Passivation SLOTOPAS Z 30 T forms on every zinc plated surface an intensive bluish, chromium(VI)-free protection layer with extraordinary good corrosion behaviour.