Schlötter employee wins award as honorary examiner

For many years, Schlötter employee Ingo Messerschmid has been active as an examiner for prospective chemical laboratory technicians. On June 13, 2023, the Stuttgart Region Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) now awarded him the gold pin of honor for 15 years of examiner activity.

“The IHK cannot do without honorary examiners in the area of training and further education. Their commitment ensures the qualification of tomorrow’s skilled workers. With this award, we would like to thank all examiners for their tireless commitment,” says IHK President Marjoke Breuning.

Ingo Messerschmid has been involved in voluntary work since his childhood because it was modeled on him: “It is only through the voluntary commitment of individuals that the social structure and common togetherness to which we are all accustomed can function. By volunteering, everyone can make a positive contribution to society.” He has been an instructor since 2006 and an IHK examiner since 2008. “I came to the examiner job through my instructor, and I really enjoy it. As an examiner, you can keep up with current trends and know exactly how exams are conducted, what is tested and where the focus of the exam lies,” Messerschmid says. The trainees he supervises also benefit from his knowledge: he can prepare them optimally for the exam. His goal is for his trainees to score good or very good on the exam. “I manage to do that” he says. He estimates that in his professional life he has already trained a total of between 30 and 40 prospective chemical lab technicians, including the apprentices at Schlötter, where he has worked as a chemical technician since 2015. In addition to his role as a trainer, Ingo Messerschmid is active in Research & Development at Schlötter, where he develops anodizing products for the anodization of aluminum. The management congratulates Ingo Messerschmied on this well-deserved award.