A Successful Premiere: Schlötter Days 2023

Dr.-Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH & Co KG in Geislingen held its first international sales conference, the “SchlötterDays 2023” from 25-27 September 2023 with sales experts from all over the world. With 95 participants from 22 nations, this event was a significant milestone for knowledge transfer, networking and the further development of sales competencies at Schlötter.

The SchlötterDays kicked off with guided company tours at the headquarter in Geislingen. The participants gained insights into areas such as analytics, R&D with the latest measuring equipment, tech center, product management and marketing.

The goals of the conference were clearly defined: Knowledge transfer was the first priority. On the first day of the conference, the participants were able to learn about current industry trends through keynote lectures from the sister companies (Ireland, Sweden, Singapore, England) as well as short impulse lectures from our experts.

Another important aspect of the SchlötterDays was networking. Participants took the opportunity to establish contact with other sales experts from different countries, cultivate relationships, exchange ideas and explore potential collaborations. The conference also provided an ideal platform on Day 2 to expand professional networks and make new business contacts.

At the social evening, which was a festive highlight of the SchlötterDays, the magnificent 111th anniversary cake for Schlötter created enthusiasm among the participants. In addition, the second day of the conference took the guests on an entertaining trip to the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart in the evening, where many had the opportunity to experience the regional culture and hospitality for the first time.
SchlötterDays 2023 was found to be an extremely enriching experience both professionally and personally. The extremely positive feedback from the participants confirms that this dialogue has made a difference.

Schlötter would like to sincerely thank all participants, speakers and organisers who contributed to this outstanding event. We look forward to the next SchlötterDays and to continuing to shape the ever-changing sales landscape with our innovations and knowledge.