Schlötter wins Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award

When it comes to innovation, Dr.-Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH & Co. KG has a lot to offer: On July 13, 2023, the Geislingen-based company was awarded the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Prize of the Kreissparkasse Göppingen, which was presented for the 15th time this year. The prize is awarded every two years by the Kreissparkasse in close cooperation with the Wirtschafts- und Innovationsförderungsgesellschaft of the Landkreis Göppingen (WIF), as well as in cooperation with the IHK Bezirkskammer Göppingen and the Kreishandwerkerschaft Göppingen. A total of 32 companies with newly developed products, services and processes applied for the innovation and entrepreneurship award. Schlötter took part in the competition for the first time and was successful straight away.

The prize was awarded for the copper electrolyte SLOTOCOUP SF 50, which is used in the production of electronic components such as printed circuit boards. In printed circuit boards, copper has the important task of transferring electricity and heat. The aim of research & development at Schlötter was to meet the requirements in the fast-moving mobile phone market, especially for the latest smartphones. The increasing miniaturization in combination with an increasing complexity of the component is constantly changing the requirements for copper plating.

The copper electrolyte SLOTOCOUP SF 50 is designed for filling and metallizing structures with different geometries (conductive tracks, blind vias, through holes). This is possible on inner, build-up and outer layers of printed circuit boards, but also IC substrates. In addition, the copper electrolyte can be used for various manufacturing processes (panel or pattern plating). This makes the electrolyte suitable for the production of electronic components in various sectors with different requirements, for example in the mobile phone, automotive and consumer markets, and allows customers to manufacture a wide range of products without having to change the electrolyte. It has also been possible to significantly increase productivity for customers, as the process sequence can be shortened. With the new copper electrolyte, it is now also possible to manufacture IC substrates, which Schlötter’s previous processes were not capable of doing.

One of Schlötter’s overriding corporate goals is to make a significant contribution to the reduction of resources with the newly developed processes and to reduce the total quantities of chemicals to be used. With the new process, this has been achieved very impressively, as the process times and the overall process stages have been significantly reduced.

With SLOTOCOUP SF 50, customers can carry out several processes simultaneously in one process stage and with one electrolyte system. In this way, Schlötter not only makes a positive contribution to environmental protection, but also increases its own competitiveness.

“Innovations cannot be ordered any more than motivation can be ordered by people, but you can create suitable framework conditions for them and it is always important to us to ensure these framework conditions even in difficult times. In the end, these people make the difference and enable Schlötter to implement real innovations. We accept this award on behalf of the entire Schlötter team and thank them very much”, said Dr. Michael Zöllinger, Managing Director of Schlötter on the occasion of the award ceremony.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award is not the first award for Schlötter: In 2018, the company received the Rudolf Eberle Award of the State of Baden-Württemberg, which is endowed with 10,000 EUR and honors innovative products, processes or services.