Outdoor training for Apprentices and Trainers at Schlötter Galvanotechnik

“After the long pandemic period, we finally get to position ourselves as an attractive employer in the region again and show how much we care about the further development of our employees,” said Dr. Michael Zöllinger, Managing Director of Dr.-Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH und Co. KG, on the occasion of the trainees’ team outdoor training. Despite unfavorable weather conditions and an outside temperature of 10 degrees, ten apprentices and six trainers with two coaches set out last Thursday for the outdoor team training at the Geislinger Albtrauf.

With hats, rain gear and thermos flasks in their backpacks, the team consisting of apprentices from the first to the third year of training set off. The high diversity of the team was evident in the wide variety of training directions: Chemical laboratory assistants, chemical technicians, industrial clerks, production specialists, surface platers and industrial mechanics. After a short introduction by two external trainers, the team started with the outdoor course. For the trainees who started their training on the first of September, the training was also intended to promote faster mutual getting to know each other in order to be optimally prepared for their new tasks and the work in the respective in-house teams.

As new members of Dr.-Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH und Co. KG, Managing Director Dr. Michael Zöllinger was particularly keen to ensure that the corporate values lived at Schlötter were brought home to the new trainees.

The focus of the training was on teamwork with special attention to communication among each other, the ability to take criticism and consideration for individual strengths and weaknesses. “Moving the team tasks into the forest was exciting and the best part of the day was getting to know all the Schlötter trainees” said Sarah Habdank, first-year industrial clerk.

After this training, our trainees as well as our trainers are convinced that such an active workshop has a long-term effect and puts teamwork on a better footing.