Schlötter’s new account on Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing

Finally, the time has come: Since the beginning of September 2021, Dr.-Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH & Co. KG can also be found on social media. The company has its own account on Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing. “Social media have established themselves as an integral part of corporate communication. Almost half of all German companies use social networks and therefore Schlötter would also like to use this versatile marketing channel to cultivate customer relationships even better” says Julia Krämer, responsible for marketing and communication at Schlötter.

In the future, Schlötter’s social media team will regularly post news from the company and introduce people who work at Schlötter. Potential applicants who are interested in working for Schlötter will be able to find out more about Schlötter and form their own impression of the company. Schlötter’s social media presence is not only aimed at potential applicants, but also at customers and suppliers. It is also interesting for them to learn about the people behind Schlötter.

New apprentices start their training

We are very pleased to welcome three new apprentices as of 1 September 2021. Carlo Gessler will start an apprenticeship as a surface coater, Milad Estanikzai has decided to train as a chemical technician and Amelie Enz will learn the profession of a chemical laboratory assistant.

The training of new skilled workers generally enjoys a high priority at Schlötter. The company is again offering several apprenticeships for 2022. Applications will be accepted starting from September 2021.