Exciting news from the world of PCB production

In the current era of global megatrends such as big data, AI and 5G, the landscape of electronic component and PCB production is undergoing a profound transformation. The demand for advanced technologies has led to a new era of higher integration densities and increased complexity in PCB design.

To meet these challenges head-on, innovative production processes such as mSAP and SAP have emerged as industry standards. Today, we are pleased to announce a significant breakthrough with our copper electrolyte SLOTOCOUP SF 50- designed to meet and exceed the industry’s new requirements.

SLOTOCOUP SF 50 is a universal solution aimed at meeting the dynamic demands of modern PCB and IC substrate manufacturing. One of its outstanding features is the ability to perform the build-up of conductive patterns, the filling of blind vias and the plating of vias in a single process step. This ground-breaking capability optimises the production process, reduces the number of process steps and ultimately leads to lower error rates and increased productivity.

We invite you to experience this innovation at this year’s productronica in Munich! Visit us at booth 221 in hall B3, where we will present SLOTOCOUP SF 50 and have interesting discussions about the future of PCB manufacturing.

Join us and discuss the future of the electronics and PCB industry at productronica 2023.

Productronica 2023: Schlötter is Part of it

From November 14-17, 2023, Schlötter will be represented at productronica in Munich, which takes place this year from November 14-17, 2023. As the world’s leading trade fair, productronica presents the full range of technologies and solutions for electronics manufacturing and provides insights into the latest trends. Every two years, the world of electronics manufacturing meets in Munich and exhibitors and visitors from all over the world make productronica an important meeting place and source of inspiration for the industry.

  • The cleaners SLOTOCLEAN S 20, SLOTOCLEAN 40 and SLOTOCLEAN S 80, which have an excellent cleaning and wetting effect and are an important basic requirement for filling blind vias.
  • The micro etches SLOTOCLEAN S 40 and SLOTETCH 584, which combine deoxidation with a defined etch rate depending on the application.
  • The SLOTOCOUP SF 50, SLOTOCOUP XF 60 and SLOTOCOUP SF 1960 copper baths, which are used with great success for filling and metallising structures with different geometries (conductor tracks, blind holes, through-holes).
  • The SLOTOCOUP PRT 2200 and 3300 (pulse reverse) copper baths are used to achieve conformal coating of high aspect ratios.
  • The SAT 20-1 tin baths and the new bisphenol-free SLOTOTIN MT 1460 tin bath have a high covering capacity and etch resistance even at low coating thicknesses. At the same time, the deposited tin coatings have a very low tendency to whisker formation due to their grain structure and low carbon content.
  • as well as a physical test bench developed together with iChemAnalytics to investigate whisker formation and tribological properties of coatings. The test stand is a world first and the tests can be carried out at different temperatures and in the absence of oxygen.

Schlötter also focuses on the CO2 footprint and explains the CO2 footprint of the products on offer and how CO2 emissions can be minimised when using Schlötter processes. The company has set itself the goal of becoming CO2-neutral by 2030 and would also like to support its customers and partners in this endeavour.

We look forward to your visit in Hall B3, Stand N-221

Companies with the best vocational training

We are delighted that Schlötter has been recognised as one of the best training companies in the category of 100-500 employees, scoring 80.4/100 points.

For the third time this year, the market research institute SWI Finance conducted a study on behalf of the Handelsblatt to determine which companies in Germany are leaders in vocational training. More than 2,300 companies took part, 207 of which were honoured. This is recognition of our excellent training programmes and the commitment of our teams.

We are proud of this award and will continue to work to support and develop young talent.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this success!