Exciting news from the world of PCB production

In the current era of global megatrends such as big data, AI and 5G, the landscape of electronic component and PCB production is undergoing a profound transformation. The demand for advanced technologies has led to a new era of higher integration densities and increased complexity in PCB design.

To meet these challenges head-on, innovative production processes such as mSAP and SAP have emerged as industry standards. Today, we are pleased to announce a significant breakthrough with our copper electrolyte SLOTOCOUP SF 50- designed to meet and exceed the industry’s new requirements.

SLOTOCOUP SF 50 is a universal solution aimed at meeting the dynamic demands of modern PCB and IC substrate manufacturing. One of its outstanding features is the ability to perform the build-up of conductive patterns, the filling of blind vias and the plating of vias in a single process step. This ground-breaking capability optimises the production process, reduces the number of process steps and ultimately leads to lower error rates and increased productivity.

We invite you to experience this innovation at this year’s productronica in Munich! Visit us at booth 221 in hall B3, where we will present SLOTOCOUP SF 50 and have interesting discussions about the future of PCB manufacturing.

Join us and discuss the future of the electronics and PCB industry at productronica 2023.