New processes

One of our new processes is Pickle Degreaser SLOTOCLEAN BEF 1790. This pickle degreaser boasts a particularly high inhibition of iron with significantly reduced diffusion of hydrogen in the base materials to be pickled. This minimises the risk of hydrogen embrittlement and significantly increases the service life of the process.

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Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN 210 VX

Barrel electrolyte SLOTOLOY ZN 210 VX was developed for the deposition of zinc-nickel alloy coatings (12-15 % nickel) and awarded the Innovation Prize of Baden-Württember in 2018. Particularly noteworthy are the consistently high current efficiency and high deposition rates in combination with a significant reduction of degradation products, which makes regular dilution of the electrolyte dispensable. The required bath voltage for SLOTOLOY ZN 210 VX is lower than for bright nickel-plated steel anodes and significantly lower than for comparable membrane processes.  As a result, less current is needed for depositing the zinc-nickel alloy and less energy input for cooling, leading to a  favourable CO2 balance.

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Copper SLOTOCOUP SF 1960

The ever-increasing miniaturszation in PCB technology leads, among other things, to an increasing number of blind vias. These blind vias need must to be filled with copper without depositing too thick copper layers on the PCB surface.
Copper SLOTOCOUP SF 1960 has shown a good performance in practial use and has been adopted by major PCB manufacturers. We are particularly proud of our inhouse development of the leveller in our organic laboratory, which is now being manufactured on a large scale in our subsidiary in Ireland. In doing this, we have the complete raw materials supply chain in our own hands.

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A customer request for a high-performance copper bath for use in horizontal continuous plating lines led to the development of Copper SLOTOCOUP BCH 2160, which is operated with only two fully analysable additives that can be fully analyzed. Depending on transport and electrolyte agitation, cathodic current densities up to 40 A/dm2 can be achieved.

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Direct Metallisation SLOTOSIT PCB 3500

Highly effective, nanographite-based SLOTOSIT PCB 3500 is ideally suited for the direct metallisation of printed circuit boards, both FR4 and polyetherimide substrates. The process is easy to handle and boasts a very good deposition of the dielectric. Various copper electrolytes suitable for different applications are available for subsequent copper plating.

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Indium SLOTOSON MI 1930

The metal indium is more and more used in electronics. Indium is soft and easily solderable. Indium SLOTOSON MI 1930 can be used for both rack and barrel applications and continuous plating lines.  Indium is particularly suitable for the coating of press-fits, as indium is cold welded at room temperature, resulting in very good electrical connections.

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