Electroplating for the energy transition

In order to establish a green hydrogen economy and to promote climate protection, reliable and resource-saving solutions from electroplating technology are needed for both the coating and the coating process of materials. For this field of application, Schlötter has developed innovative electrolytes and functional coating systems that can be used along the entire value chain. Renewable energy can thus be generated, stored, transported and used reliably and in a resource-saving manner.
The use of hydrogen as an energy carrier requires not only electrolytes and coating systems but also new testing methods. In this context, questions concerning material embrittlement (e.g. hydrogen embrittlement), hydrogen permeation as well as the barrier effect of coatings must be given special attention. To answer these questions, iChemAnalytics has developed digitized test methods that provide reliable and reproducible measurement results both in the laboratory and in the field.